What is Zora Andrich doing now?

Andrich now works in healthcare and teaches yoga on the side. She and Marriott ended their brief relationship before the show even aired. However, the two have kept in touch sporadically. “Evan and I have talked over the years,” she said.

Are Evan and Zora from Joe Millionaire still together?

Like many couples on The Bachelor, Evan and Zora didn’t last, breaking up shortly after Joe Millionaire ended. However, it doesn’t sound like Evan regrets his choice. “I knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that Zora wasn’t into my money.

Where is Zora from Joe Millionaire now?

Currently, she works in healthcare and is a yoga instructor as a hobby, as per the New York Post. Evan’s also less concerned with being in the spotlight. These days he runs his own business. With the money he got from the show, Joe launched a heavy-equipment rental company in Orange County, Calif.