What episode of GREY’s was Scott Speedman in?

What episode of GREY’s was Scott Speedman in?

Scott Speedman, a certified handsome man, plays transplant surgeon Nick Marsh, whom Meredith operates on in this episode.

What did Scott Speedman do in GREY’s anatomy?

Seasons. Scott Speedman played Nick Marsh in seasons fourteen, eighteen, and nineteen of Grey’s Anatomy.

Who is Nick Speedman on GREY’s?

Scott Speedman is reprising his role as Dr. Nick Marsh on “Grey’s Anatomy” this season, despite how things ended with Meredith Grey in the season 18 finale. As TVLine previously reported, Speedman is still listed among the “Grey’s” cast, though he’s now recurring.

Who is Nick on GREY’s Anatomy Meredith?

Grey’s Anatomy fans, Dr. Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) might be able to count on Dr. Nick Marsh (Scott Speedman) in the long run.

How did Meredith know Nick?

Meeting Meredith Five weeks after having a kidney transplant, Nick came to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital to retrieve a liver for a long-time patient of his. After the surgery, he collapsed in a hallway because he returned to work earlier than recommended.

How many episodes is Scott Speedman in GREY’s anatomy?

Speedman had only appeared on one episode of “Grey’s” in season 14 prior to becoming a series regular on the current season, but it was a memorable guest spot for fans who instantly noticed the chemistry between Pompeo and Speedman.