How much did Lisa Frank make?

Lisa Frank revenue is $7.1M annually.

Is Lisa Frank making a comeback?

The almost disastrous state of the company’s former HQ is not an accurate portrayal of its current popularity. Lately – and despite the appearance of her former office building – Frank has made a comeback.

What medium does Lisa Frank use?

1971-1972. Painted while Frank was a student at Kingswood School for Girls. Photo courtesy of Carly Mark for Foundations magazine, 2015. Frank’s work at Cranbrook was abstract, using acrylic on Masonite or canvas, and sometimes incorporating paper on the canvas for additional texture.

Is Lisa Frank a graphic designer?

Nothing says kid in the 80s like Lisa Frank! Her rainbow neon dreamland of animals and fun parties is iconically 1980s. What you may not know is that Lisa Frank is a real person and that the company designed these cool items in house.