What god is Kingo based on?

The Eternals’ Kingo Could Be Based on Kingu from Babylonian Mythology. The Eternals’ Kingo, played by Kumail Nanjiani, does not have an apparent mythological association. However, he could be based on Kingu from Babylonian mythology.

Who was Kingo in mythology?

Kingu, also spelled Qingu (𒀭𒆥𒄖, lit. ‘unskilled laborer’), was a god in Babylonian mythology, and the son of the gods Abzu and Tiamat. After the murder of his father, Abzu, he served as the consort of his mother, Tiamat, who wanted to establish him as ruler and leader of all gods before she was killed by Marduk.

Who is Druig in Eternals based on?

While the origin of Druig’s character is less clear than the other Eternals, his name indicates that he may be based on the Celtic group of religious leaders known as the druids. The druids were similar to shamans, believing in the extreme power of the natural world and its bounties.