What is Stephen Bear famous for?

Stephen Henry Bear (born 15 January 1990) is an English reality show participant who won Celebrity Big Brother.

Is Stephen Bear in a relationship?

His current girlfriend Jessica Smith, 22, has said she “can’t wait until it’s all over”, revealing that she went to court yesterday to see her man. “I went to court today to see him. I feel so sorry for him.

Is Stephen Bear a Millionaire?

Stephen Bear is said to be worth around $1.5 million (£1 million) in 2021. Some of this will come from his various reality TV appearances, including his winnings from Big Brother. In most cases however, the opportunities to be gained from TV exposures tend to be more lucrative than being on the TV shows themselves.

Has Stephen Bear been released?

Reality TV star Stephen Bear has been released on bail following his arrest on suspicion of revenge porn. Bear was arrested on Friday (15 January) at Heathrow airport upon his return from Dubai, where he had been residing since last year.