What does the beekeeper in WandaVision mean?

What does the beekeeper in WandaVision mean?

So, who was the beekeeper? While WandaVision didn’t reveal the character’s face, he was sporting a beekeeper suit that has the SWORD (which now stands for Sentient Weapon Observation Response Division) logo on the back, hinting that he is one of the agents from Nick Fury’s newly-established organization.

Who is the beekeeper in episode 2 of WandaVision?

The actor credited for this role is stuntman Zac Henry, and the character is listed simply as Beekeeper on IMDB.

Why did a beekeeper come out of the sewer in WandaVision?

The intelligence agency decided to send one of their own in through the sewers to get a closer look at what’s happening on the inside. He enters wearing a hazmat suit, but as soon as he breaks the barrier, that suit becomes a beekeeper’s outfit (and his safety tether, an old-fashioned skipping rope).