Who is the top 10 famous on TikTok?

Charli D’Amelio – 141.1M followers. Khaby Lame – 139.7M followers. Bella Poarch – 89.9M followers. Addison Rae – 87.7M followers. Will Smith – 72.2M followers. Zach King – 68.6M followers. Kimberly Loaiza – 63.3M followers. TikTok – 62.7M followers.

Who is #1 TikTok?

1. Charli D’Amelio (@charlidamelio) With more than 148 million TikTok followers, Charli D’Amelio has the most followers on the platform as of January 2022.

Who is the biggest famous in TikTok?

Most popular TikTok users worldwide 2022 At September 2022, TikTok creator and comedian Khabane Lame officially surpassed dancer Charli D’Amelio as the most followed content creator on TikTok, with almost 150 million followers.