Did Tracy Tutor sell her sisters home?

JUST SOLD‼️📍219 S Mapleton Dr. Congrats to my sister Kristin on the sale of her classic traditional estate in Holmby. maryjanedenzer So happy for you Tracy.

Who is Tracy tutors father?

Tracy Tutor

What does Jason Maltas do for a living?

Jason Maltas

How is Tracy Tutor rich?

Tracy Tutor’s family is worth an estimated $1 billion Tutor’s father, Ronald Tutor, is the founder of Tutor-Saliba Corporation, a building contractor and heavy civil works construction company based in California; it was founded in 1970.

How much did Tracey sell her sisters house for?

“Not getting my [sister’s] listing was a humbling experience. But it set me on the path that we all need to be on.” And a decade later, Tracy did get her sister’s listing — and sold it with an asking price of $29.9 million. Want more Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles?

Did Tracy get the job in Dubai?

Tracy gladly accepted the offer and said she was looking forward to sharing it with her buyers. She got back to work upon her return and held a meeting with her team, including new assistant Eleanor. ‘We took a trip to Dubai, and we got the job. So we’re international!,’ she told the team.