Who is Erin Bradshaw’s biological mother?

Who is Erin Bradshaw’s biological mother?

Her mother is Terry’s ex-wife, Charlotte Hopkins. Terry Bradshaw children are three in number. His biological children are Erin and her sister Racheal. Racheal is 33 years old and she is a professional country music singer.

What does Lacey Hester do for a living?

He even instilled in her a love for sports, as Lacey went on to become the coach of a high school women’s basketball team.

Who is the father of Terry Bradshaw’s middle daughter?

Terry Bradshaw has two biological daughters, Rachel and Erin, with his ex-wife, Charla Hopkins. Even though Bradshaw is the biological father of his first two daughters, his third daughter, Lacey, is his step-daughter. Lacey is the daughter of Bradshaw’s wife Tammy and her ex-husband, David Luttrull.