Who plays Mr Moody in Harry Potter?

Brendan Gleeson (born 29 March, 1955) is an Irish actor. He plays the part of a disguised Barty Crouch Jnr and Alastor “Mad Eye” Moody in the Harry Potter films.

How many gleesons are actors?

He has been married to Mary Weldon since 1982. They have four sons; Domhnall, Fergus, Brían, and Rory. Domhnall and Brían are also actors.

Was Mad-Eye Moody a Slytherin?

Dorcas Meadowes, the member of the Order of the Phoenix whom Voldemort personally murdered, is a Slytherin. Fleur Delacour, had she attended Hogwarts, would be a Gryffindor. Mad-Eye Moody is a Hufflepuff.

Is Mad-Eye Moody Irish?

Alastor “Mad-Eye” Moody (d. 27 July, 1997) was a Scottish wizard of pure-blood descent, considered to be the most famous Auror of modern time.