Who’s the second siren in Vampire Diaries?

Who’s the second siren in Vampire Diaries?

The most recent episode (“An Eternity of Misery”) revealed that Alaric and Caroline’s “hot nanny” Seline (Kristen Gutoskie) was actually the second siren — a.k.a. the cannibalistic servant of Satan, or, in this case, Cade.

Who plays Joe Cruz’s girlfriend on Chicago Fire?

Who plays Chloe on Chicago Fire cast? Kristen Gutoskie is girlfriend of Cruz. The Chicago Fire cast almost lost three members during the latest episode. Chloe, played by Kristen Gutoskie and the girlfriend of Cruz, was in a bad car accident that served as one of the main …

Is Georgie the second siren?

Yeah, that would be Seline. At first, it looked like Georgie was the second Siren sister in question, but as per usual TVD was just messing with its fans. Georgie trapped Alaric in the basement not because she wanted to, but because Seline was controlling to do it.

Is Damon a siren?

Sybil states to Arcadius that while she and Seline are merely “sirens”, Damon and Stefan are vampires and would be a step up, implying that superior telepathy aside, vampires are physically more powerful.