Who is Sybil in The Vampire Diaries?

Sybil, initially known as The Armory’s Monster, was actually a Siren. She corrupted and enslaved those that crossed her path, feeding off of the darkness in a person’s soul as well as devouring their flesh for sustenance.

Who played the sirens on Vampire Diaries?

Her name is Nathalie Kelley and depending on your TV preferences, many of you have certainly seen her appear on the small screen before. Prior to her already iconic debut on The Vampire Diaries, the actress also starred in the Lifetime drama series UnREAL, where she played one of the show’s contestants, Grace.

How old is Sybil in Vampire Diaries?

Sybil claims to be over three thousand years old, making them older than the Immortals, Silas and Amara, by at least a thousand years. Sirens came into being after Seline, a psychic, made a deal with Arcadius to save her dying sister.