What happened with Harry and Taylor Swift?

After just a few short months of dating, Styles and Swift called it quits. Us Weekly reported that the breakup occurred while the two were vacationing together in the British Virgin Islands.

Is Taylor still friends with Harry?

And since then, the pair appear to be on good terms. Last year, the friendly exes were spotted chatting at the 2021 Grammys and Taylor was one of the first people to stand up and applaud for Harry when he received his first award for Best Pop Solo Performance.

How long were Taylor and Harry together?

The couple dated from late 2012 til early 2013 and finally, seven long years after their breakup, Harry has opened up about his romance with Taylor, as well as commenting on the famous breakup songs she allegedly penned about her time with the One Direction crooner.

Why did Harry Styles leave Taylor Swift on a boat?

After spending some romantic time together Jan. 3, the One Direction frontman decided he needed to be alone for a bit, which is where things got really messy. “He got drunk and left Taylor on their boat for a few hours without telling her where he was going,” a source tells Us Weekly.