When did Jasper the dog die?

“Jasper, America’s dog, died at 12:40 p.m. on Saturday, September 4, 2021. He was nine years old,” she shared in an opinion piece on the outlet’s website. “Jasper will never be on ‘The Five’ or ‘America’s Newsroom’ again – he was such a great sport when we’d have him on set,” she wrote.

Was Jasper a Vizsla?

While readers admire Dana for her charm, warmth, and insight, she also knows who the real star in her family is: her Vizsla, Jasper-A.K.A. America’s Dog. In this new book, Dana tells stories about life and politics-and how dogs can transcend rancor and partisanship.

What kind of dog is Percy on The Five?

Dana Perino, the former White House Press Secretary and cohost of The Five, had owned a Vizsla, Henry. After the dog’s death, Perino got another Vizsla, Jasper. After Jasper’s death, she got one more Vizsla, Percy.

How did Polly the dog die?

Kelly Osbourne is grieving the loss of her Pomeranian dog, Polly. The reality star, 36, shared a professional photo of her white furry friend on Instagram on Thursday and revealed the dog died this week due to a pulmonary heart defect. “I promised myself that I would take a break from social media for the summer…