Why did they take Nelk Boys to jail?

In May 2020, Forgeard, Deleonardis, Sirur, along with several other members were arrested for disturbing the peace while filming a prank at a Target store in Mississippi. They were later released on bond.

What did Kyle Forgeard do?

He is the co-founder of NELK, an entertainment company that is popular for its prank videos, public stunts, and vlogs. Kyle Forgeard, Jesse Sebastiani, and other crew members of NELK are collectively referred to as NELK Boys.

Why does Kyle from NELK have a warrant?

NELK Boys’ Kyle discovers he’s wanted by police in drunk-driving prank. NELK boys’ Kyle Forgeard was surprised to find out that he has an arrest warrant out of Ohio in the group’s latest video – while they were pranking the police.