Why did Riker grow a beard Star Trek Fleet Command?

Why did Riker grow a beard Star Trek Fleet Command?

According to the Star Trek: Next Generation Companion, Riker’s beard came into existence when Frakes returned from a vacation between Season 1 and 2, and producers liked his new beard, so it became an iconic part of Riker’s character.

Why did Geordi grow a beard?

I really wanted to be bearded in my wedding photos. vetoed my request at the beginning of the Season that Geordi wear a beard. The compromise was that I grew the beard for my wedding.

What is a Riker beard?

Here’s how the dictionary describes it: “Euphemism for a moment in time (typically in pop culture) where something or someone that was lackluster and/or underachieving suddenly and surprisingly became much better and exciting.

What episode did Riker grow a beard?

So when exactly did Frakes make his beard debut? Allow us to present the exact moment Riker’s beard makes its first Star Trek: The Next Generation appearance, which is in the Season 2 premiere episode, “The Child.” Watch Riker debut his dashing facial hair in “The Child.”