When did Taylor broke up with Harry?

January 2013: Harry Styles and Taylor Swift Break Up After just a few short months of dating, Styles and Swift called it quits. Us Weekly reported that the breakup occurred while the two were vacationing together in the British Virgin Islands.

Are Taylor Swift and Harry Styles still friends?

And since then, the pair appear to be on good terms. Last year, the friendly exes were spotted chatting at the 2021 Grammys and Taylor was one of the first people to stand up and applaud for Harry when he received his first award for Best Pop Solo Performance.

What is Taylor’s song about Harry?

In an interview in 2015, Swift addressed the turbulence of her relationship with Styles when discussing the inspiration of “Out of the Woods.” “The number one feeling I felt in the whole relationship was anxiety,” she said. “Because it felt very fragile, it felt very tentative.

How old was Taylor when Harry dated?

Harry and Taylor dated for over a year, when he was 18 and she was 22. Their relationship and eventual separation apparently inspired songs from both singers. Taylor’s Ready For It is reportedly about Harry, while many say his Two Ghosts is about her.