How do you cure a sore pinky toe?

Home Treatment for Pinky Toe Pain Stop all activities and rest as much as possible. Avoid putting weight on your toe. Ice your toe for up to 20 minutes at time using an ice pack or frozen peas wrapped in a thin towel. Elevate your foot higher than your heart.

What does it mean when your toes hurt for no reason?

Some common causes of toe pain include arthritis, bunions, calluses, and nail conditions. Toe pain can come on suddenly and severely, or it may develop gradually over time. It may last briefly or be constant. Symptoms can include prickling, burning, or pins-and-needles sensations.

How do I get my toes to stop hurting?

Draw a foot bath. Do some stretches. Practice strengthening exercises. Get a foot massage. Buy arch supports. Switch your shoes. Ice your feet. Take a pain reliever.

Why does my little toe feel weird?

Nerve compression or damage from wearing certain shoes can often cause pinky toe numbness. Diabetic neuropathy can also cause the pinky toes to be numb.