Why is Emily VanCamp not returning to The Resident?

Why is Emily VanCamp not returning to The Resident?

VanCamp had a daughter with her husband Josh Bowman while working on the fourth season of the show. Emily VanCamp revealed to Deadline that the birth of her daughter was the reason she decided to quit the show. She claimed that her priorities had shifted after the birth of her daughter.

Why did mina leave The Resident?

Shaunette Renée Wilson, who plays Mina, decided to leave ‘The Resident. ‘ Oftentimes when a character is written off a show, it’s not their choice and is for the betterment of the plot. However, in the case of Mina leaving The Resident, Shaunette told producers that she was ready to leave the show.

Is Dr Conrad Hawkins leaving The Resident?

Conrad Hawkins isn’t leaving the cast of ‘The Resident’ just yet. Showrunners eased fans’ worries that Matt Czuchry was making an early exit from The Resident with news that Conrad will have a new love interest this season.

What happened to AJ’s original mom on The Resident?

She had cancer. She was the last of AJ’s adopted parents to die.