What happened to Kingo at the end of Eternals?

Meanwhile, Kingo reveals that while he agrees with Ikaris and that it serves the greater good for the universe if another Celestial emerges from the planet, he will not engage in conflict with his fellow Eternals and bring about destruction and violence and departs with his human valet Karun.

Why is Kingo not in the fight?

Further, he did not wish to fight his teammates nor join them for fear of the consequences of defying Arishem. As per Screen Rant, Kingo’s absence from the final scene is a matter of his characterization, not the actor’s unavailability. He is not a leader but a follower who practically begs for direction at points.

Why did Kingo betray the Eternals?

They do believe that human beings have no right to break out of the natural order, because so many more are going to be created.” Kingo makes this final decision based on these beliefs as each of the heroes does. Ajak chooses to love, Ikaris chooses to kill her, and Kingo chooses to take a step back from the fight.

Will Kingo return in Eternals?

Kumail Nanjiani would “love” his character Kingo to return in a potential ‘Eternals’ sequel. The actor, 44, said he dreamed of coming back as the warrior when asked about a claim from his co-star Patton Oswalt, 53, who played Pip the Troll in the 2021 superhero film, saying a follow-up was already in the works.