Where is Wil Myers from?

Wil Myers

Is Wil Myers hurt?

After signing a six-year, $83 million contract with San Diego in 2017, the outfielder will likely head elsewhere this offseason. Myers battled a right knee injury in 2022, limiting him to just 77 games. Over those contests, he produced a .

Where did Wil Myers go to high school?

High School: Wesleyan Christian Academy, High Point, N.C.

How fast was Tom Seavers fast ball?

On March 23, 1965, Lasorda’s last year as a scout for the Dodgers, he reported (see scouting report below) that the 20-year-old Seaver was athletic, had a pitcher’s body (6′ and 185 pounds), a real good, live fastball (93 mph), good arm action, good command, is aggressive and “wants to beat you”.