How did William Shatner make most of his money?

How did William Shatner make most of his money?

Shatner’s big break came in 1966 when he was cast on Star Trek, and his career hasn’t slowed down since. As you can expect, Shatner’s long career has made him a lot of money.

Is William Shatner a Millionaire?

What is William Shatner’s net worth? According to website Celebrity Net Worth, Shatner has a net worth of $100 million, which converts to around £73 million. After graduating from university in Canada, he trained as a classical Shakespearean actor before playing a number of roles at the Stratford Shakespeare festival.

Did Shatner pay for his trip?

No, William Shatner did not pay for his ticket to go to space.

How much does William Shatner charge for a signature?

Talking of Shatner, the 70-year-old Star Trek actor is apparently charging $75 (£53) to give fans his autograph. America’s Star Magazine reports that Shatner, who is reported to have lost $10m (£7.14m) when his stock in an internet company went bust, has been spotted charging fans for his signature.