Which god name is Yogesh?

Yogesh is an Indian masculine given name. The Sanskrit word yogeśa is a compound of the words yoga and īśa and has the meaning “master of yoga” and has also been used as an epithet of Shiva.

Is Akash Thapa a BTS army?

Choreographer Akash Thapa has been recently gaining attention from ARMY for his very V-inspired style. Check out!

Who is Kritika Thapa?

Kritika Thapa – Project Engineer – EA Engineering, Science, and Technology, Inc., PBC | LinkedIn.

Is Varsha Thapa Nepali?

Thapa was born and raised in Nepal but she went to school in India, which is where she realised she wanted to become a model. But the qualities that make a model were also the qualities that got her bullied in school.