What happened to Yolanda Hadid?

What happened to Yolanda Hadid?

In May 2020, Hadid announced she was in a relationship with the CEO of a construction and development company called Jingoli, Joseph ‘Joey’ Jingoli. In October 2021, Hadid’s daughter Gigi’s partner Zayn Malik filed a no-contest plea to four charges of harassment against Hadid and was sentenced to 360 days of probation.

How is Yolanda Lyme disease now?

Yolanda Hadid has spoken extensively about her experience with Lyme disease since being diagnosed with the tick-borne illness in 2012. And even though she’s in remission right now, the former “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star doesn’t intend to stop spreading awareness about the disease anytime soon.

What was Yolanda Hadid illness?

In February, Yolanda, also a mom to son Anwar Hadid, 23, opened up about her long and difficult battle with Lyme disease in an interview with British Vogue. “I can’t begin to describe the darkness, the pain and the hell I lived through every day,” she told the outlet.

How long was Yolanda married to Mohamed Hadid?

Yolanda and Mohamed were married for six years before divorcing in 2000. Together, they share their two daughters, Gigi and Bella Hadid, and son Anwar Hadid. The Hadid kids have carried their mother’s legacy in modeling and fashion. Mohamed acquired his wealth and riches by working as a real estate developer.