Why did Dom get kicked out of Vlog Squad?

Why did Dom get kicked out of Vlog Squad?

She recalled going to the Vlog Squad house to do a skit, only to end up drunk and assaulted. David Dobrik was accused, along with Dom, for allegedly orchestrating the entire thing. Due to this, Dom was kicked out of the Vlog Squad.

Why is Jeff mad at David?

After days of calling out David Dobrik online, calling him a “fake friend” and a “sociopath,” former Vlog Squad member Jeff Wittek has revealed the real reason he’s so annoyed at his former friend — and it circles right back to the devastating excavator accident that almost cost him his life.

Did Jeff sue David Dobrik?

Jeff sued David back in June for more than $10 million, claiming David should have never been behind the controls of the massive excavator used in the stunt, which saw YouTubers being swung around from a rope attached to the excavator shovel.

Does David still talk to Dom?

Durte Dom reveals he hasn’t spoken to David Dobrik since sexual assault allegations.