How did Zac meet Sarah Sherman?

The couple met at the University of Nebraska, where Zac was the quarterback and Sarah was a graduate assistant for the football team.

Who is Zac Taylor married to?

Zac Taylor

What is the salary of the Cincinnati Bengals coach?

CelebrityNetWorth pegs the Bengals coach as having a $4 million net worth as of February 2022. That number is a bit lower than the reported salary that NBC Sports has Taylor making per season ($4.5 million). CelebrityNetWorth has Taylor making a million less than that reported salary, at $3.5 million per season.

Is Zac the father of Karen baby?

Karen’s Baby Doesn’t Belong to Zac… Or Aaron However, unfortunately for Zac, she found out she was pregnant and believes the baby to be his. Actually, she wants the baby to be his because she thinks it could be a way for them to get back together.