Where does Zach from Next Level Chef work?

Where does Zach from Next Level Chef work?

Among them is Zachary Adams, a native of the Philippines who was raised in Milwaukee, whose work includes experience in the kitchen at View MKE and Third Coast Provisions. Adams is currently sous chef at the North Shore Country Club.

What is the concept of next level chef?

“Next Level Chef” features contestants on the three-story stage with different levels of kitchens on each floor. Chefs Nyesha Arrington and Richard Blais join Ramsay in judging line cooks, home chefs, social media stars, food truck owners and others who compete.

Who went home on next level chef episode 4?

Sergio was sent home. Now that each team has lost a cook, it will be interesting to see if a team can go on a winning streak. Given that Team Ramsay seems to have several chefs that are or are near the top, they could go on a run. It will be interesting to see what happens if one team loses too many chefs.