Did Betsy Phillips leave Magnum PI?

Suzy’s exit happens in October 2021, so Betsy likely departed the series as her second pregnancy progressed. During an episode in January 2022, Suzy calls Rick to reveal that she is pregnant and Rick is the father! Throughout the rest of Magnum P.I.

Does Zachary Quinto have a husband?

Find out more about his past love interests here. Zachary Quinto is an actor best known for his roles in the American Horror Story series. He hasn’t been in a public relationship since 2019. Some of his past boyfriends include Jonathan Groff and Miles McMillan.

Who is the new bartender on Magnum PI?

He is portrayed by actor Zachary Knighton.

Is Suzy from Magnum PI pregnant?

Tonight’s Magnum PI season 4 episode 11 gave us a big story for Zeus and Apollo, plus also Magnum and Higgins taking on a case from a nun.