Is Zachary Knighton a surfer?

In addition to his acting skills, Knighton also brings his surfing abilities to the role. He learned to surf while growing up in Virginia Beach and has been perfecting the sport ever since.

Who played evan Knight on Parenthood?

Zachary Knighton: Evan Knight.

Can Rick on Magnum PI surf?

As Rick on Magnum P.I., Knighton is often seen expertly riding waves. That’s no stunt double. Knighton has long surfed, first in Virginia Beach, where he grew up. Then, while pursuing theater in New York, he surfed the waters off the Hamptons and New Jersey’s Long Beach Island.

Where is Magnum PI set?

Robin’s Nest (21.324917°N 157.679526°W) is the fictional beach front estate on the island of Oahu, Hawaii, which serves as the residence of the main characters. In the series, it is owned by renowned novelist Robin Masters, who employs Jonathan Higgins as the estate’s caretaker and Thomas Magnum as its security expert.

Who is Betsy Phillips married to?

Betsy Phillips

How fast can Knighton run?

This spring, Knighton improved his 200 personal best to 19.49 and his 100 to 10.04.