What’s the drama with Zayn?

What’s the drama with Zayn?

“Bella has stuck by her side, as the situation has caused a lot of tension within the family.” Malik was charged with four counts of harassment after the singer allegedly “grabbed [Yolanda] and shoved her into a dresser” and verbally assaulted the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star with “continuous cursing.” He was …

Whats the drama with Gigi and Zayn?

According to another citation obtained by E! News, Zayn was also charged with harassment for allegedly telling Gigi to “strap on some f–king balls and defend your partner against your f–king mother in my house.” He ultimately pleaded no contest to four charges of “harassment – course of conduct with no legitimate …

What happened Zayn?

Zayn Malik pleads guilty to harassment charges after alleged clash with Gigi Hadid’s mum.

What was the Hadid family drama?

Gigi Hadid has reportedly “grown closer” with her sister Bella Hadid following her alleged split from Zayn Malik. Toward the end of October, allegations arose that Zayn struck the model’s mother, Yolanda Hadid, during an argument at the couple’s Pennsylvania home while Gigi was away in Paris in September.