What happened between Gigi Yolanda and Zayn?

What happened between Gigi Yolanda and Zayn?

Gigi and Zayn broke up after six years of being together in October following an altercation between Zayn and Gigi’s mother Yolanda Hadid. In October, it was claimed that Zayn allegedly ‘struck’ Yolanda at the family’s home outside Philadelphia.

What is the drama with Zayn and Yolanda?

“Bella has stuck by her side, as the situation has caused a lot of tension within the family.” Malik was charged with four counts of harassment after the singer allegedly “grabbed [Yolanda] and shoved her into a dresser” and verbally assaulted the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star with “continuous cursing.” He was …

Did Bella Hadid unfollow Zayn?

Bella’s brother Anwar also unfollowed Zayn on Instagram, and Bella ultimately took down her IG Story.

Is Gigi mad at Yolanda?

“Gigi and Yolanda are fine and never had an issue over the incident,” an insider told ET, after stating that the former reality star still feels upset that her issue with Zayn went public, and so does the British singer.

Is it true that Zayn struck Yolanda?

Zayn Malik has denied hitting Yolanda Hadid, the mother of his partner Gigi Hadid and grandmother of their child, in a domestic argument.

Who filed charges against Zayn?

British pop star Zayn Malik has pleaded no contest to four criminal harassment charges brought on by his partner, model Gigi Hadid, and her mother, former model and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Yolanda Hadid.