What is Jordan Poole salary?

Poole will make about $4 million this season. Poole, a rising star, played a pivotal role in Golden State’s title run in 2022, averaging 17 points, 2.8 rebounds and 3.8 assists during the playoffs last season. He was fourth in the NBA’s Most Improved Player balloting last season.

Is Jordan Poole good?

Poole was one of the breakout stars of last season, averaging 18.5 points, completing the climb from late first-round pick to G Leaguer to budding NBA star. With Klay Thompson healthy, Poole has already emerged as a favorite to win the NBA’s Sixth Man Award. SI Sportsbook has him at +450.

What did Jordan Poole do?

Jordan Poole is a professional basketball player who plays shooting guard for the Golden State Warriors of the National Basketball Association. Poole is in his rookie season and is best known for his time in college basketball, which he spent with the Michigan Wolverines.