How did ZHC learn to draw?

How did ZHC learn to draw?

Hsieh grew up drawing whenever he could get his hands on a pencil and paper. When he hit 16 years old, he decided he wanted to get serious about his talent and started drawing for 12 to 14 hours a day, seven days a week.

What is the real name of ZHC?

Zach Hsieh (born January 19, 1999), also known as ZHC, is a YouTuber known for creating art and illustration videos on YouTube.

Who is Mackenzie from ZHC?

McKenzie Bell – Artist – ZHC Corporation | LinkedIn.

What are the 7 main techniques in drawing?

Sighting / Measuring. The Grid Technique. Triangular Grid Technique. Identifying Basic Shapes and Positive and Negative Space. Linear Perspective. Basic Facial Proportions. Figure Proportions and Gesture Drawing.