Are all Zoës Kitchen becoming Cava?

Ste. C. The Zoës Kitchen on Augusta Street is being converted to CAVA, a Washington, D.C. -based Mediterranean culinary brand. The Woodruff Road restaurant will remain a Zoës Kitchen.

Why are Zoës turning into Cava?

After acquiring the Zoës Kitchen franchise for $300 million in 2018, the new ownership group has begun converting some of the chain’s most profitable locations into Cava restaurants. Now, the three Baton Rouge locations are set to be rebranded.

Did Cava replace Zoës?

The red architecture + planning firm of Columbus, Ohio, submitted the plans. Nation’s Restaurant News reported March 24, 2021, that CAVA Group’s $300 million acquisition of Zoës expanded the company from 66 to 326 locations across the U.S. CAVA Grill’s site shows 230 locations in 17 states and Washington, D.C.

Is Cava the same as Zoës?

Similarly to Zoës Kitchen, CAVA was founded by three first-generation Greek Americans who had a passion to bring the bold flavors and recipes of their childhood, alongside a spirit of generous hospitality, to more communities across the country.