Is Christopher Russell still married?

Is Christopher Russell still married?

Who is Christopher Russell married to? The actor married his long-term girlfriend, and they are blessed with two children. The couple started dating in 2004. Their daughter was born in 2013, while their son was born in 2015.

Where does Christopher Russell live?

Where are you from? I grew up in Toronto, Canada, but I now live in Los Angeles, Calif.

Are Christopher Russell and Cindy Busby married?

Is Cindy Busby married? Busby has starred in four Hallmark films with frequent co-star Christopher Russell, but despite their strong on-screen chemistry, she’s happily married to someone else. In 2020, the actress married actor/producer Chris Boyd.

Are Christopher Russell and Cindy Busby friends?

In the same interview, Christopher opened up about his friendship and repertoire with Cindy. “Cindy Busby is the best,” he says. “We first worked together six years ago on ‘A Puppy for Christmas,’ where I played Todd, the mean ex-boyfriend. We clicked right away since we have very complementary personalities.”

Who is Christopher Russell related to?

While Christopher and Kurt do resemble each other, Christopher isn’t related to the famous actor. Christopher was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in 1983 to British parents. He’s married (he doesn’t name his wife on social media, and it doesn’t seem like she’s in showbiz) and has two kids.

Is Cindy Busby still married?

While Cindy’s on-set chemistry with Christopher is sizzling, in real life she has a long-term beau — whom in December 2020, became her husband! Chris Boyd is a producer who has been her boyfriend for four years, but the couple revealed on Instagram on Dec. 23, 2020, that they were married.