How old is Beomgyu in America?

How old is Beomgyu in America?

TXT member Beomgyu: Profile: Beomgyu was the fifth member of TXT to be revealed. At the age of 18 he’s right in the middle of the group between the two older members (Yeonjun and Soobin) and the two younger members (Huening Kai and Taehyun).

Who is Beomgyu crush?

Following up as another devoted follower, Beomgyu revealed that Post Malone was his celebrity crush, even adding an “I love you” at the conclusion of his message. Beomgyu has repeatedly mentioned Post Malone as one of his favorite artists since he was asked about it a few months following TXT’s debut.

Is Beomgyu a prince?

Beomgyu and Taehyun, who are both princes, are forced to marry each other, even though they both despise each other.

Who is Beomgyu Favourite BTS member?

TXT’s Beomgyu loves spending time with BTS’s V, even if it means endangering himself just a little bit. Beomgyu has been a V stan for years. In an issue of W Korea, he named V as his biggest inspiration, saying that V gave him advice when he was a trainee that has stuck with him ever since.

Can Beomgyu TXT speak English?

Beomgyu is fluent in English !

Is Beomgyu a fan of Blackpink?

Even the members were loving it. TXT’s Beomgyu has shown his appreciation for BLACKPINK’s Rosé more than once, enjoying her covers and solo music. This time, Beomgyu made viewers laugh when showing off his love for Rosé’s “On The Ground”.