Is Matt Hardy still married to Lita?

The answer is a definite no. The duo ended their relationship in 2005 following the cheating incident. The two moved on, and Hardy married Reby Sky.

Who is Matt Hardy’s wife?

Matt Hardy

Who is Lita on WWE married to?

Kane won the match, leading to he and a reluctant Lita marrying one another on the August 23 episode of Raw. Despite being married to Kane, Lita thwarted him during his matches, constantly aiding his opponents.

Are Edge and Lita friends?

Edge had an affair with Lita who at the time was still dating Matt Hardy. While Hardy was out with an injury, Edge and Lita had a relationship that was made public much later. Talking about his friendship with The Hardy Boyz before this incident, Edge stated that they were good friends.

Are Lita and Matt Hardy friends now?

Matt Hardy, on whom Lita cheated with Edge, ended their relationship back in 2005. However, Matt Hardy and Lita worked together once more when WWE converted the real-life incident into a storyline. Matt Hardy doesn’t share a friendship with Lita right now. He has been married for over seven years and has three kids.

Which one of the Hardy brothers passed away?

Matt noted that Gilbert passed away at his home in North Carolina, with his sons by his bedside. Jeff Hardy took care of Gilbert over the past few years of his life.