Why did Emily from Corpse Bride turn into butterflies?

Why did Emily from Corpse Bride turn into butterflies

Emily was a normal girl who loved her family and friends. She had a great job at a bakery and she even got engaged to her boyfriend, Tim. Then one day, she woke up and found herself transformed into a butterfly. What happened?

Emily was a regular teenager until one day, she woke to find herself transformed into a beautiful butterfly. Her fiancé, Tim, didn’t believe her story and thought she was crazy. He left her.

After being turned into a butterfly, Emily felt lost and lonely. She couldn’t go back to her old life because she no longer knew who she was or where she came from. In order to get back to her old self, she needed to find out why she became a butterfly.

She started asking around town for answers but nobody could help her. So, she decided to travel the world in search of an answer. She went on many adventures before finding what she was looking for.

The truth is that Emily’s mother was a witch and her father was a wizard. They were both very powerful, so they took their daughter with them when they traveled the world. When they returned home, they realized that their daughter had become a butterfly.

They tried everything possible to change her back to human form, but nothing worked. Finally, they gave up and decided to let her live as a butterfly forever.

There’s no way to know for sure why Emily haunts Victor now, but one possibility is that she knew him before she died and watched over him until he grew up enough so that she could haunt him again.

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