What does a server URL look like?

What does a server URL look like

1. A server url is a string of text that appears in the address bar of your browser

2. The first part of the url is called the “protocol”, which determines where you are accessing a webpage from

3. There are many different protocols, but most commonly used ones include HTTP and HTTPS

4. The next part of a URL is called the “domain name” or “hostname”. This can be either an actual domain name like google.com or something as simple as blogspot.com

5. The third section of a URL is called the “path”, which tells you what page on that website your browser should go to when it loads up

6. Finally, there’s the optional fourth section, usually referred to as parameters or query strings, which specifies additional information about how someone might want to see that webpage (e.g., language)

7 . So for example if we wanted to load up Google’s homepage using http protocol and go straight to their search box without any other parameters, our full url would look like this: https://www .google .com/search ?q=hello&btnI =lucky#lucky-button

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