What is the song in Magic Mike?

Among the songs included are Foreigner’s No. 4 Billboard Hot 100 hit “Feels Like the First Time” and a cover of the Weather Girls’ “It’s Raining Men” by Countre Black. The set also features Win Win’s “Victim” (featuring Blaqstarr) — which is the first song heard in the film’s trailer.

What does Pony mean in the song?

My pony. It’s pretty obvious what his “pony” refers to – he’s just waiting for her to jump in the saddle. This was one of the first high-profile productions by Timbaland, and the first Top 10 on the Hot 100 on which he got a composer credit.

What’s that song they always play at basketball games?

“Seven Nation Army”

What is Matthew McConaughey’s famous line in Magic Mike?

“I Think I See A Lotta Lawbreakers Up In The House Tonight.” – Dallas. Matthew McConaughey plays Dallas, the owner of the Tampa night club Mike makes his money at, Xquisite. Dallas has no intention of leaving the industry, and he hopes to build a Florida strip club empire.

Why is it called a pony?

The word pony derives from the old French poulenet, meaning foal, a young, immature horse.

What does the pony symbolize?

The horse is an exuberant animal who loves to frolic and kick up their heels. In fact, colts and ponies are often described as “spirited” because of their frisky and playful natures. So, the horse is a symbol of spirit both on a physical and metaphysical level.