Did Full House almost get Cancelled?

Some episodes had just Mary-Kate playing Michelle, not Ashley and vice versa. You can tell when Ashley Olsen plays Michelle because, as a child, she had a freckle above her lip. The show was nearly cancelled after its first season.

Will there be a season 6 Fuller House?

It’s worth noting that despite interest from the cast and fans, there are no concrete plans for Fuller House season 6.

Why did Full House end with Michelle having amnesia?

Michelle gets amnesia after suffering a concussion from a fall and cannot remember who she is or who her family is. Everyone tries different things to get Michelle to remember who she is, but nothing works.

Will there be a season 7 of Fuller House?

‘Fuller House’ ended in 2020 after 5 seasons The Netflix original series Fuller House is the sequel to Full House, which ran from 1987 to 1995. The reboot’s plot was closely connected to the original show, and nearly all of the original cast members returned as series regulars or guest stars.