Why did Zach and Tori not move to the farm?

Why did Zach and Tori not move to the farm?

“We’re not moving to the farm.” Zach went on to explain that his dad, Matt, can be difficult to work with as he’s been the one in charge for so many years. “His way of doing things only works if he’s the only one doing things that way,” he explained alongside Tori in a confessional with producers.

How far away did Zach and Tori move?

Zach and Tori decided to move 45 minutes away to Battle Ground, Washington and found their new family home. The couple wasn’t originally looking to leave the state but said that where they were was too expensive to buy the land that they wanted.

Did Zach and Tori move to Washington?

Zach and Tori Roloff of Little People Big World decided to leave their life in Oregon for a big adventure in a new state, but what caused the move? Tori and Zach first met on Roloff Farm when they were teenagers, and she worked there on the weekends.