Will Taskmaster be in Moon Knight?

Warning! Marvel’s Taskmaster wants nothing to do with Moon Knight, as he reveals to a group of vampires looking to bring the antihero down why he should be feared. In a new preview for Moon Knight #13 from Marvel Comics, the copycat villain is asked to consult on Moon Knight.

Is Marvel changing Taskmaster?

Fans didn’t know which version of Taskmaster to expect in the film, but we now know that it will be the same character from Black Widow. Disney sent out a press release that confirms that Olga Kurylenko will return as the character for Thunderbolts.

Where is Taskmaster in the MCU?

Antonia Dreykov, also known as Taskmaster, is the secondary antagonist of the 2021 superhero film Black Widow, while also being a character previously mentioned in the 2012 film The Avengers, and will return in some capacity in the upcoming 2024 film Thunderbolts.

Who will play Taskmaster in Thunderbolts?

The third alumnus from Black Widow, Olga Kyrylenko will be reprising her role as Taskmaster, who’s historically one of the most formidable opponents in all of the Marvel Universe.