What is a Dedicated Server in Ark?

Ark is a survival video game that was released for PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4 on August 29th, 2017. Ark dedicated servers are the backbone of the multiplayer gameplay as they make up all of the player hosting options in-game. The server types available to players include “PVP,” “PVE” and “Player Dedicated.” PVP servers have a variety of settings that can be customized by admins such as whether or not PvP is enabled. PVE servers allow players to experience a non-hostile environment free from other human interference while Player Dedicated Servers offer complete control over content creation with access to everything from building tools to resource collection rates.

What is a dedicated server ark

A dedicated server in Ark: Survival Evolved is a computer that is running the game and hosting one or more players. These servers can be rented from Nitrado, GameServers.com, or other providers. The player will need to install the game on their computer and then connect to the server using the provided IP address and port number. Servers can also be hosted privately by the player if they have adequate hardware and bandwidth resources.


The following are some of the most common commands used:

-admincheat givetome – Gives all items in inventory to player

-admincheat summon dino_name – Spawns a specific dinosaur at location

-admincheat god – Toggles invincibility on/off

-admincheat fly – Toggles flying mode on/off

-admincheat additem xxxxxxxx “amount” – Adds specified amount of item to player’s inventory

-exec server.cfg – Runs a specific configuration file for the server

The following are some additional tips and tricks for running a Server:

-Be sure to enable port forwarding on your router if you want players outside of your local network to be able to connect to your server. The default port is 27015.

-If you are experiencing latency or other connection issues, consider lowering the graphics settings in the game options. This can help improve performance and reduce lag.

-If you are running a server with multiple players, be sure to allocate enough resources (CPU, RAM, Disk space) to support the load. You can use the “top” command in Linux or Task Manager in Windows to see how much CPU and memory is being used.

-To help prevent cheating and other unwanted behavior, consider using a mod such as ARK: Survival of The Fittest banning plugin which will automatically ban players who are caught cheating.

How to Run a Dedicated Server on Ark?

On a PVP server, players can attack each other and steal their resources. These servers have settings that can be customized by admins, such as whether or not PvP is enabled.Ark offers different ways to play the game on dedicated servers. The three types of servers are “PVP,” “PVE” and “Player Dedicated.”

On a PVE server, players can experience a non-hostile environment free from other human interference. These servers are great for people who want to focus on the game without having to worry about being attacked.

Player Dedicated Servers offer complete control over content creation with access to everything from building tools to resource collection rates. This type of server is perfect for those who want to create their own unique game experience.

Here are some of the most popular providers for Ark:

-Nitrado – Offers a variety of server options including PVP, PVE, and Player Dedicated servers. They have a wide range of pre-built templates to choose from or you can create your own server configuration.

-GameServers.com – Offers both public and private servers with a variety of game settings to choose from. You can also rent individual slots on an existing server if you don’t need the entire thing to yourself.

-ArkServers.net – Provides both rented and DIY (self hosted) servers with a variety of gamebenefits of using dedicated servers for Ark?

What are the benefits?

There are a number of benefits to using dedicated servers for Ark Here are some of the most important ones:

Increased Stability and Performance – It will typically have better performance and stability than a home computer due to the fact that it is specifically designed for running games and hosting players.

Easy Administration and Control – It offer a wide range of administrative controls which allow the owner to customize nearly every aspect of the game play. This can be helpful in creating a more enjoyable experience for players or in preventing unwanted behaviour.

Reduced Latency and Lag – By hosting players on separate machines, latency and lag can be greatly reduced resulting in a smoother gaming experience.

Increased Security – It is much more secure than a home computer. This is because it is not exposed to the internet and typically has better firewall protection.

Scalability – It can easily be scaled up or down to meet the current needs of the game. This allows for optimal performance at all times.

Remote Accessibility – In many cases, dedicated servers can be accessed remotely allowing for easy management and maintenance even when you are not physically present.

There are many other benefits that can be listed but these are some of the most important ones. When choosing a provider, make sure to consider these factors along with your own specific needs in order to find the best option for you.